Digital Vision, LLC

Our vision and focus are to create competent, personable, and tech-savvy individuals with the skills to lead and participate in teams. Digital storytelling reaches all aspects of teamwork.

If you have a specific STEM topic, idea, or lesson you want to convert into a stop motion animation product, let us know. We can work with you to make your learning experience extraordinary.

What We Teach

Problem Solving



Creative Writing

Story Writing


Artistic Design



Engineering Technology

Raspberry Pi

Program Coding

Movie Production


Stop Motion Technology

Public Speaking



And much more

STEM and Character Education Curriculum


Engaging Activities Involving -
    Project-based learning assignments
    Inquiry and research-based learning
    Technology and character development problem solving
    Creative writing
    Stop motion and real-time movie making
    Creativity, imagination, and fun!
Common Core Modules
    Identifying, understanding, and practicing the difference between the Scientific Method and the Engineering Process
    Identifying problems through observation and research
    Solving problems through collaboration, brainstorming, and research
    Developing critical thinking skills through trial and error and hands-on experimentation
    Leading teams through a problem resolution process
    Working in teams to address real-world issues

Digital Vision, LLC

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We make your learning experience extraordinary!